Gallery Rifle and Pistol Competition Report: February 2015

I have to admit that looking at the weather forecast for Sundays shoot I thought that I might be the only shooter on the firing line!! Rain and storms were promised and although the storms didn’t materialise the rain did by way of drizzle borne on the breeze, sticky wet stuff which glued the targets to the back-boards without the need for staples (but we did use them – out of habit more than necessity!) This promised to be the winter shoot when nobody turned-up.

Arriving on the range only two shooters were present, Maurice and Sylvester, so we loaded up and commenced shooting using the T&P 1 (Modified) format which has proven so popular with the members over the last few months. By the time we had finished the first serial we had been visited by three more members and by the time we had completely finished, another detail of six was ready to go with two more turning up to shoot later on!!

The Gallery rifle section attendance was up to the normal number and keen competition resulted here with a bolt action giving a semi-auto a run for its money!!

Results are copied below; the Pistol (Rimfire) section result was decided by X-Count, sorry Dave but good shooting!! And as mentioned earlier somebody with a bolt action gave Maurice some competition in the Gallery Rifle category…..

My thanks to all who turned up, and Tommy who helped with RSO duties and Maurice B with the scoring, it kept the competition moving along.

The next competition will be held on Sunday 29th March 2015 at the Club, first shots off at 10.30am.

Paul F.,
Pistol Section.

Rimfire Competition Results - T&P (Mod) HPS 300

Paul F269 (decided by X countback)
Dave C269
Don McG255
Maurice B254
Maurice K210
Sean Mc208
Peter P206
Ed P204
Tom Mc194

Gallery Rifle Competition Results

Paul F294
Ed P264