Christmas Charity Shoot 10th Dec. 2023

A very good attendance at this annual event helped to raise a significant amount for local charities. The format is that each entrant pays a contribution to the charity fund and brings a prize. All of the prizes are displayed on a table and each entrant gets to choose a prize from the table, starting with the best score and so on. The committee then reviews the income and then decides which local organisations should be the beneficiaries.
The format varies from year to year. This year consisted of 10 shotgun shots at clay pidgeons and 15 Rifle shots at a novel target which is shown in the photos below, 5 shots are at the usual bulls eye target, 5 shots are at 5 individual bulls on the “clown” target and 5 shots are at the numbers grid. You get the number in the square you hit. If you hit a line dividing two numbers you get both and if you hit a corner between 4 numbers, you get all 4. Club Rifles and ammunition are used by all entrants to level the playing field with scopes held to 10X power, so it is very difficult to see the numbers grid clearly which also introduces a large element of luck.
We all enjoyed the 3 varieties of soup brought up to the range by Peter P (thank you Mrs.P!) and the mini Xmas cup cakes made by Ann G.
Thank you to all participants for your donations to the charities and to all of the committee and others who helped set up the targets and run the shoot.

Results are shown in the table below.

Ed K1001362361
Pat C1001312312
Sean Mc901352253
Konrad T1001232234
Robby D1001182185
Tony K1001122126
Abdi H1001042047
Bryan P801181988
emmanuel k801181988
Eugene Mc9010619610
Ray D9010519511
Keith F8010518512
Anthony F8010318313
Evin H7011118114
Hugh D6011917915
Shane M6011617616
Brendan m6011217217
Ronan F709916918
Sean M6010916918
Ralph L4012716720
Colm O'907116121
Cathal C4011915922
Asa R609615623
Ed Sh906415424
kevin b609215225
Conor M509814826
deirdre L4010514527
Jack L509414428
Billy F4010014029
dave C607813830
Paul F2011513532
Anne G2011313333
Ryan T408512534
Stuart C606212235
Aslam W506711736
Ian W407211237
Daniel M209111138
Marie F406510539
vincent O898940
Tom Mc7007041
Mark O'D606042
Eamon K4004043
Peter P4004043