Nine volunteer members from East Coast Shooting Club turned out on a bright Saturday morning for the East Coast Shooting Club First Aid Training Course which was held on 24th September at Christ Church Rathgar. Mr Declan Keogh, a long standing and highly respected club member of East Coast Shooting Club, conducted the fully recognised […]

Prone Rifle any sight Shoot. Saturday 10th Sept 2022 ECSC. Results

This was a “Double Dewar” competition which meant that there were twice as many shots as usual. 80 in all. More pain for the knees and elbows, especially for the older members. But pain is no barrier for the dedicated shooters amongst us. We had two full details for this competition, spread across the different […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 7th August2022

August Sporting Rifle Monthly Competition   Sunny, blue skies with a slight breeze greeted this month’s competitors for our monthly Sporting Rifle Competition.  It was a quiet day at the range with holiday season upon us but still five entrants shot across three different disciplines – Sporting Rifle (prone with sling), Field Sporting Rifle (prone […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 3rd July 2022

With the first six months of the year now a memory, our shooters launched into the second half of the competitive year with our monthly rifle competition.  These are held on the first Sunday of the month and form a break from the usual solo shooting to offer the chance for some friendly rivalry. Prone […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 3rd April 2022

A lovely day for a Spring Shoot and a very  busy day on the range. We started with the usual two Rifle shoots. The first being the Prone Rifle competitions of 50 and 100 metres in two categories, one rested and one unrested with sling.  20 shots at each distance. Results shown in the table […]

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 19th December 2021

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 19th December 2021   Competition Results   Sunday morning was overcast, dry, cold and foggy, but that did not deter  the twelve ECSC members who turned up to compete. The ECSC ‘Compendium 2’ was a surprise to many who shot last month’s ‘Compendium 1’. Just when they thought they […]

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 28th November 2021

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Monthly report 28th November 2021   Competition Results   Sunday morning was overcast, dry and cold for our monthly gallery rifle and pistol shoot. Thirteen ECSC members turned up to compete in our new club competition format. The ECSC ‘Compendium’ shoot aired its first outing to great reviews from all who […]

How the club works.

Most members of our club do not see the work that goes on to keep the club running so that they can arrive on a Sunday, enjoy the facilities and go home to a nice lunch or to watch the Rugby. That is how it should be. Most members do not want to know how […]

Rifle Competition Results 7th November 2021

A safety Procedures and Firearms  Handling course was run on the range today, starting at 9:00 a.m. so we had a later start than usual. It was a fine Autumn day, nippy to start with but warming up as the sun shone down. A mild but changeable breeze which caught some contestants out at 100 […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 3rdOctober 2021

A nice, gentle ECSC Rifle competition today, following in the ethos of previous ECSC comps. Take part if you want, observe if you want, or ignore and get on with your own  shooting if it pleases you. 9 people took part, ranging from first ever competition entries to very experienced. It was nice to see […]