The Sunday Blog

Very busy day on the range today as we hosted the NSSAI March National Competition. People came from all over Leinster to take part, even from Tipperary!. ECSC member Nick F was first and modesty forbids me from naming the person who was third.. The photo below shows some of the participants having partaken of a […]

The Sunday Blog

This is the first of what will be a regular series of Blogs based on observations,  musings and impressions of the activity on the range each Sunday, starting today the 6th of March. A cold day but warm in the Sun. Reasonable level of activity with the  Rifle silhouette shooters in particular getting ready for […]

Pistol Shooter of the Year cumulative scores.

The updated cumulative pistol competition scores are now available to view in the Pistol section of this web site.

February Pistol Shoot Report

PISTOL COMPETITION REPORT. 28th FEBRUARY. Fine, cold but clear weather brought a record number of shooters out to the range with eighteen entries recorded in total.  This mornings’ shoot used the T&P1 (Modified) format and was  shot at 10, 15 and 25 metres range, single handed. Thanks to all who took the trouble to travel […]

Pistol Competition Report January

PISTOL COMPETITION 31 st January 2016. This morning saw a very good turnout of twelve entries to compete in our monthly pistol shoot.   This mornings’ shoot used the NRA Slow Fire format and was shot at 15metres range, single handed. The weather was very windy which challenged single handed shooting. Thanks to all who […]

Shooter of the Year update

You will recall that the pistol section is running a “shooter of the year” competition which is based on the cumulative results of the monthly competitions, three of which have already taken place. You can see the updated table here.

Pistol Competition Report: December 2015

This morning saw a very good turnout of twelve entries to compete in our monthly pistol shoot. This mornings’ shoot used the T&P1 (Modified) Competition format shot at 25, 15 and 10 metres. The weather favoured us with cool, and calm but dry conditions and all seemed to enjoy the challenge. Thanks to all who […]

Pistol Shooter of the Year Competition: October ’15 to September ’16

The Pistol section has just published the rules for the “Pistol Shooter of the Year” competition which will run from October till next September. The rules and the results for the last two competitions can be found on the Pistol section page.

November 2015 Pistol Shoot Report

PISTOL COMPETITION REPORT  29thNovember 2015 General Winter scored a direct hit on East Coast Shooting Club this morning with the arrival of Storm Cloddagh!! Giving us extremely strong winds which not only knocked over the target stands and ripped targets off the frames the wind also managed to knock over unused target frames INSIDE the […]

Pistol Competition Report: October 2015

A very good turnout in acceptable weather (for the time of year) gave good shooting conditions yet again for our monthly shoot. Thanks to Maurice and Kevin for supervising this months’ shoot yet again for me. This shoot used the ever­popular NRA 15M Slow Fire competition format and the NRA high quality targets. A very good turnout ­ […]