Nine volunteer members from East Coast Shooting Club turned out on a bright Saturday morning for the East Coast Shooting Club First Aid Training Course which was held on 24th September at Christ Church Rathgar. Mr Declan Keogh, a long standing and highly respected club member of East Coast Shooting Club, conducted the fully recognised course on behalf of St John Ambulance, Ireland. This full day course utilised the most modern training aids in order to make the situations as realistic as possible.  The members were very enthusiastic to learn a very useful skill and eagerly applied themselves to the training.

Members were taken through a very comprehensive education in first aid, CPR and how to use a Defibrillator (AED). Declan went through the training course in a very confident and professional manner. Everyone who attended learned valuable lifesaving skills and enjoyed the day. Thanks Declan, someday your instruction to us is going to save someone’s life