1. The competition will be conducted annually with the award of prizes being made at the Club AGM. The competition will be integrated into the monthly pistol shoot and use the appropriate gallery rifle format.
  2. The competition is open to all ECSC members.
  3. To register for and validate their entry in the competition ECSC members must compete in at least six of the twelve monthly gallery rifle shoots over the period of the competition.


  1. Competitors will score each others’ targets. The RSO may be used to decide if a disagreement occurs but in this case the score allocated by the Range RSO on the day is final and binding.
  2. Scores from the monthly gallery rifle shoots will be averaged over the period of the competition to give an overall annual average score, corrected to two decimal places only.
  3. Valid scores will be those registered in respect of the shooters’ first entry in any monthly shoot, per rifle held; second entry / re-shoot scores will not be accepted in this competition format.
  4. Running scores will be published on the website and posted on the 25 Yard Gallery Range.
  5. In the event of drawn scores at the end of the competition, the winner will be the member who has:
    1. the most number of ‘X’ scored in competitions over the period of the competition, or if still drawn –
    2. competed in the most monthly competitions and if still drawn –
    3. the competitor with the highest individual single score in a monthly competition.


  1. The score awarded by the RSO is final and binding. There is no Appeals Procedure or recourse to the Club Committee for any appeals; argue your score on the range with the RSO on the day.


Paul F.,

Pistol/Gallery Rifle Section