Special Safety Course for all members February 15th

Safety is important in all sports. Safety in our sport is paramount. We always introduce beginners to the safety aspects before the “performance” aspects. With practise, we become more safe and more proficient but there is a risk that we can also become more complacent. The most effective way to counter this is to take everybody back to basics from time to time. With this in mind, we are running a 2 hour safety refresher course in February. The agenda will cover the basic principles and reminders about the procedures the club uses for each discipline. We will also cover the more frequent errors we witness from time to time.

The course will be given by a long term club member who runs a Firearms training company. Specialising in Range safety and operating procedures.


We have refreshed the ECSC Safety Statement Document and will be giving each attendee a copy at the course.


We all believe that we are proficient in the safety aspects of what we do and maybe  think we do not need a reminder. One of our most experienced committee members thought this way before he went on  this course last year and  was startled by what, he realised, he had taken for granted. He learnt a lot from this course. We believe that it is so important that we are making attendance mandatory for all members, regardless of how long they have been in the club. Please confirm your attendance  by responding to the email sent to all club members. If you did not receive the email, this means we do not have a record of your email address. Please use the “contact us” page on this site to confirm attendance and provide your email id if you have one.

The course will start at 14:00 sharp,  on Saturday the 15th of February. Location information is available in the email, on the range or  from any committee member .