Shoot Report –Rifle Competitions Sunday 6th January.

The year got off to a good start with the first of our new series of competitions which will be run on the first Sunday of every month. Two separate competitions were on offer, viz.:

50 Metre precison. This is shot in the standing position in 4 stages:- Stage 1–Unlimited sighters in 3 minutes. ¬†Stages 2,3,4, are ¬†10 shots in 3 minutes with target changes between each. stage. HPS 300.

50 Metre Field Target Sporting Rifle. This is shot in the prone rested position , using a front and a back rest. Two stages are shot, each consists of one target allowing unlimited sighters and 20 scoring shots in 15 minutes.HPS 400.

The two targets are shown below, standing on the left, prone on the right.

These two competition formats are popular across most clubs and are offered at most of the NASRPC competitions which will take place this year

The conditions were perfect with no wind and good light. 8 entrants shot in the standing competition and 6 shot in the prone competition. Results are shown below.

50 Metre Precision.

David G 296 1
Sean McE 284 2
Ralph L 276 3
Cathal C 261 4
Paul F 254 5
Sean Mar 244 6 (4 x)
Sandy W 244 7 ( 2x)
Ed P 216 8

50 Metre Field Target Sporting Rifle.

 Sandy W 386 1
David G 385 2
Sean McE 383 3
Brian P 382 4
Sean Mar 373 5
Paul F 348 6