Please be aware of the current Government guidance if you are going to the range this weekend.


Introduction and up-to-date Public Health Guidance


At this stage we’re all carefully watching the progression of the virus. We’re all hoping for good news each day and each week, hoping to see an improvement in confirmed cases. We want to see that our collective and individual actions have been successful. We all have our part to play in that effort.

It’s vital that we avoid becoming complacent. Most of us have settled into routines of once again seeing our friends, colleagues and families and in some ways it would be easy to think that everything has returned to normal but we need to remember that that’s not the case.

The virus hasn’t gone away. We have to keep up with all of the habits we have learned since March if we want to keep the disease at bay.

So, while we can now meet up with our friends and loved ones again and while many of us have returned to work and are once again seeing our colleagues each day, we still need to ensure that where possible, we keep a safe distance of 2 metres from the people around us. This is one of the fundamental ways that we can protect ourselves and each other and prevent the spread of the virus.

And I am sure we are all familiar with the other ways in which we prevent the spread of the virus but I’ll say them anyway:

  • wash your hands regularly and thoroughly – especially after you have been out and about or in and out of other peoples’ homes or businesses
  • continue to observe good cough and sneeze etiquette
  • continue to try to keep your social interactions to a minimum to limit the amount of contacts that you have
  • wear face coverings, on public transport, in shops and shopping centres, and in all indoor settings where social distancing is difficult
  • maintain social distancing and remember to exercise judgement about where you spend time – keep in mind that is a place doesn’t seem safe it probably isn’t safe

Finally, you need to know the symptoms. If you are feeling unwell, if you have a high temperature, if you have a cough of any description, if you feel short of breath or if you feel that you have had a change in your taste or your smell, you need to notify your GP so that they can arrange testing for you. Remember that testing isn’t just about you. It’s about the people around you. The people you have been in contact with some of whom may be much more vulnerable to the disease than you are. They may be people you don’t even know that you were close to in a public place.