A good turnout for the November competition. The format was based on the NASRPC Gallery Rifle/Pistol Multi target layout with two targets at each stage. Four stages were included spread between 25 and 10 metres. Time was of the essence in all stages meaning fast target acquisition and carefully phased trigger control was paramount.Cool nerves and self control came to the fore. For this competition, we separated the people using optical sights Red Dots(RD) from the people using iron sights and this is shown in the ranking table below.

Pistol Competition

Name Score Position Category sights
S McE 94 1 RF  RD
Eug Mc 82 1 RF
Cathal C 75 2 RF  RD
Kev B 73 2 Rf
Trevor J 71 3 RF  RD
Pat C 70 3 RF
Br P 59 4 RF  RD
ED P 52 4 RF
Tom  McC 48 5 RF
Cathal C 83 1 CF
Dave C 73 2 CF

Gallery Rifle Competition

Anthony F                       99                                      1                                               RF