Notification of Fee increase for the year 2019-2020

The annual fee for most members has stayed the same for the last 10 years. This is a very unusual situation. How many of your other bills or subscriptions have done the same? We did reduce the discount for retired members from 50 %to 25% as we have an increasing number of pensioners and they generally felt that they could pay more.Our costs have risen, particularly for utilities and Insurance, so we are increasing the annual membership fee by €10 from €250 to €260. Our view is that that still represents overwhelming value for money. Where else could you visit for €5.20 a day(assuming you visit each week), drink tea in a lovely sylvan setting, enjoy the company of like minded and friendly people, whilst pursuing a sport which improves your physical conditioning. improves your will power, focuses your concentration and generally makes you feel better about yourself? Renewal notices will issue shortly by email. Pay by bank transfer if possible following the instructions on the notices.