National Silhouette Association Championships 2017

The NSAI National Sihouette Championship competitions were held on the ECSC range in Roundwood over last weekend. Four separate disciplines were included namely, SBR,SBHR, Air rifle and Unlimited Rifle. The latter discipline is designed to cater for the typical rifles used in the NASRPC Gallery rifle competitions which are held on many ranges throughout the year. SBR and SBHR are usually shot with bolt action rifles such as Anshutz, Sako and CZ provide. The second photograph below shows the variety of rifles which can be used including two Gallery Rifles and an Air rifle
The SBR and SBHR results are combined to establish the overall National Championships for 2017.
The weather was crisp and clear although the wind proved a little variable and needed to be watched carefully. Members of 5 clubs took part. The complete results have been emailed to all participants . The overall results are:
1st Nicholas F. ECSC
2nd David G. ECSC
3rd Mike P. Suirside.

The first photograph below shows the Chairman of the NSAI presenting the prize Shield to Nick Flood. The 3rd photograph shows most of the other prize winners