June Monthly Rifle Competitions Sunday 2nd June 2019

A bright and breezy day but not a busy one. We had 4 entries for each competition, but not the same  for each! It was a Bank Holiday, which always reduces attendance, but the competitive blood was up and the motivation was fierce. The wind was very strong but fairly steady, so once the zeroing was done for the conditions of the day, not much adjustment was needed. Results are shown below.

The nominal starting time for all our monthly competitions is 10:00 a.m. but if enough competitors arrive early, we will start a detail so that entrants do not have to wait around. There was some discussion about the fairest way to score these competitions. Most Gallery rifle competitions are scored between each detail by the competitors scoring each other.  This is not possible for the Field Sporter events as the shots are often closely packed around the Bull, often requiring the use of a gauge. Our experience leads us to believe that the best way to score is to have one  non competitor score all cards which provides a consistent view. Unfortunately, this is not usually possible because all of the experienced individuals are competing so what we usually do is have one person score all cards except his/her own and have someone else score this. If there is a large number of entries then more than one scorer is necessary to get the results out on time. Such are the trials of the precision shooting sports.

50 Metre Precision

NameCard 1Card 2Card 3TotalPosition
S. McE9595972871
P. Fry8591922682
A. F.9075792444

50 Metre Field Sporter

NameCard 1Card 2TotalPosition 
A. F.1951963911
S McE1971933902
Br. P.1831853683
P. F1741853594