This competition has been competed for between the major target shooting clubs in Ireland for nearly 30 years. The fortunes of the various clubs have waxed and waned in this time. The format, which is a combination of prone and silhouette shooting, has been varied from time to time but the essence of the competition has remained consistent.
After a closely fought competition between 4 teams, the ECSC team of Hugh D, Nick F, Ralph, L and Sean Mc, today regained the Keil trophy. This competition is organised around teams of 4 individuals who shoot 40 shots in the prone position and 20 silhouette shots in the standing position. The best 3 individuals results in each team are added to get the overall team result. The strength of ECSC in silhouette shooting was enough to overcome the strength of BRC in prone shooting for the second year in succession. Who knows what will happen next year as skills develop and new shooters come forward?