ECSC team wins Team Competition at NASRPC Open in Hilltop

The NASRPC introduced a team competition at each of their open competitions this year. 5 different disciplines are designated to count, depending on what is offered at each open. In general, there are fourteen possible small bore disciplines available and the subset on offer depends on the facilities available at each particular club. At Hilltop, the designated disciplines were as follows:

BR50FS–Bench Rest 50 Metre Factory Sporter.

GRSB25P–Gallery Rifle Small Bore 25 Metre Precision

GRSBTP1–Gallery Rifle Small Bore Timed and Precision 1

SBP25P/OSBP25P–Either of Small Bore Pistol 25 Metre Precision or the Open version of this discipline(optical sights)

SBPTP1/OSBPTP1. Either of Small Bore Pistol Timed and Precision 1 or the Open version

Each club has to have at least one member enter each of these disciplines in order to seriously compete. If more than one member enters, then the highest score is taken into account. The table below shows the overall Team results and the second table shows how the ECSC team scored. You will see from the ECSC results that each of the three club members competing, contributed at least one score to the team results. Well done to Anthony F., Paul F and Sean Mc- a great team effort.

ECSC has only started competing recently. The first time was at the Open Competition held on our range and we won that. The next competition was the Keil Trophy held at the BRC range and we also won that. Winning at Hilltop made it three in a row.

Club Team Score
ECSC 1583.032
BRC 1563.033
AnRiocht 1562.03
Courtlough 1552.026
URA 1320.042
Bracken 1114.025
Hilltop1 1080.023
Hilltop2 995.013
Eagles 866.028
Harbour House 859.028
MNSCI 257.002
MTSC 248.002




ECSC East Coast Shooting Club
Anthony F 234.003 271.001 241.002 233.001
Paul F 263.003 264.002 257.003 290.004
Sean Mc 481.017 265.001 276.009 268.001
481.017 265.001 271.001 257.003 276.009 290.004 268.001
Score 1583.032 481.017 265.001 271.001