ECSC shooter wins Classic Rifle Competition in Kerry.


The 2018 Championship was won by Dave C. of ECSC,  taking a comfortable first place. Dave was shooting a  No. 4 Mark 2 .303 Lee En-field. This was his first time to enter this competition in which the competitors use an ex military Rifle (not on issue today) which can be bolt action or semi auto but may not be altered in any way, using the original open/ iron sights.

Shot at 300 yrds,prone, using a sand bags as a rest and firing two sighting shots and eighteen to count for score. . This brings the maximum score of 360 points . Dave won it with a score of 309 which was well clear of the runner up shooter.

Dave says that he felt that his scores would not put him in last place and the win took him completely by surprise, further stating that it felt just just like the FCA  All Army Championships of the sixty’s. He is looking forward to next year.