COVID 19 Club Reopening on July 14th.

After examining the latest Government Guidance on the re-opening of outdoor sports clubs, we will be reopening the range on June 14th, but only for members who live within 20Km of the club. From the address information  provided by the  members, this will mean that circa 50 members will be eligible to travel to the range. If you are not sure whether you qualify, please use a scaled map and dividers or use Google maps to determine how far you live from the club. You can also use this web site to see how far the 20Km from your home reaches.


Please be aware:

We will have to take account of the social distancing instructions. This will entail the following changes to our usual operating procedures:-

Rifle Range.

We can allow 2 shooters in each bay meaning a maximum of 6 shooters plus the RO in the building at any one time..

Pistol Range.

A maximum of 3 or 4 shooters plus RO at any one time. These may have to shoot from in front of the covered firing points. We need to be on site to finalise this.

Shotgun Range.

Separate groups of 4 shooters only at each firing position. Rigid separation to be enforced. No sharing of firearms. Trap controls to be wiped down between operators.

Office/Tea hut/ Storage shed.


Only 2 people max inside at any one time, well separated. RO will supervise the congregation space around the building to ensure distancing.

You will have to book your attendance in advance by email to This system will open at 12:00 pm on Monday the 8th of June for the following Sunday, the 14th of June. This process will continue until the next stage, i.e. bookings open on Monday for the following Sunday. One hour slots will be available from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm. Please send your first and second preferences. First come. first served. Replies by email. 


Please read the general guidance for shooting clubs which follows:


As one of the first sports to be allowed to resume, there is a major responsibility on Shooting clubs and Shooters to ensure that our sport is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Full adherence to the provisions of this Protocol is absolutely essential. It should be noted that the Government continues to monitor the situation closely and has not ruled out the reintroduction of restrictions which could see Shooting clubs closed once again if the Protocol is not followed. It is essential that Shooting clubs take whatever steps to ensure they can implement this Protocol. We are asking all clubs to demonstrate their determination to keep Shooting safe and open by signing up to support the measures prescribed.  Public health measures are likely to be continually updated by the Government. Even if Shooting continues to be allowed in such circumstances, the Protocol governing safe shooting may be updated in line with any changes to public health measures. For these reasons, we will continue to monitor developments very closely and will update our advice as required. It is essential, therefore, that Shooting clubs and Shooters follow updates on these matters.


Coping with demand and expectations:


Demand for Shooting may be high as we progress through the phases, as Shooting is amongst a relatively small number of recreational activities available to people. It is essential that Shooting clubs put in place restrictions in line with the Protocol below immediately to manage expectations. Clubs should also ensure that decision-making can be rapid and efficient to respond to issues as they arise.

  1. A) Members will need to be aware of the limited basis on which they have the opportunity to use a range in the initial months.
  2. B) The club should seek to ensure members understand the necessity of restrictions to minimise the risk of a reintroduction of lockdown measures. While everyone may have an opinion on what should be done, full compliance with the measures in place is essential.
  3. C) Members should be aware that these restrictions are not going to last forever, but must live within them and be patient while they are in place. We all want to get back to normal as soon as possible, but this will be a gradual process and will be reliant on Shooting clubs and Shooters observing this Protocol.
  4. D) As each club’s ranges are configured differently, then it is incumbent on each club to determine the maximum number of shooters that can be accommodated on each firing point to allow for social distancing,.e.g., a range which could normally accommodate 12 shooters side by side may only allow for 6 shooters with the correct spacing.








Rules which must be followed by each Club.



  • Members with colds or any symptoms of COVID-19 stay away from the Shooting course/clubhouse.
  • Physical distancing rules are observed by all members at all times in the car park, club buildings and on the range.
  • Shooting is restricted to: – members only – casual Shooting only (no club competitions or opens).
  • Personnel are on hand to monitor adherence with physical distancing rules and the rules for Shooters set out in this document.
  • Range usage time is booked in advance online or over the telephone. Clubs must ensure that players names are recorded on timesheets and timesheets must be kept for a period of at least 6 weeks to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.
  • There are no social gatherings, of any size, at the facility.
  • Signage should be erected to reinforce physical distancing rules.
  • Hand sanitisers should be made available.
  • Regular cleaning of toilets (on course & in clubhouse) if they are in use.
  • Members of the same household should shoot  together, rather than split into mixed groups.
  • If and when competitions are allowed , scoring methods vary by range and by discipline. Each club must establish the best way to score and mark targets which minimises the amount of handling involved. For example, one way would be for the Range Officers to be the only people to place and remove  targets and carry them to the scorer for marking.










Rules for Shooters in Phase 1


This Protocol sets out the basis on which Shooting can be done in a safe manner, during Phase 1 of the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business. Shooters are expected to observe the underlying public health guidance set out at: and These rules are subject to change .

To ensure that the range is used safely, shooters must observe the following rules:


In advance of shooting:

  • If you are ill or have symptoms, stay at home.
  • Schedule your range time in the manner prescribed by your Shooting club. Under no circumstances should you arrive at the club without booking in advance.
  • Ensure that you have equipment, ammunition, targets ,etc., it will NOT be permitted to exchange equipment with others.
  • Members are instructed not to touch range equipment they are not using. They should wear gloves and wipe down any used equipment after use, such as bench rests or tables.
  • Wash your hands and clean your shooting equipment before you leave home.
  • Aim to arrive at the club no more than 15 minutes prior to using the range..
  • Travel to the range on your own or with members of your own household only.
  • Park your car in such a way as to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Observe physical distancing rules at all times following your arrival at the club.
  • Observe physical distancing at all times on the course.
  • Do not exchange or share equipment, food or drink with other people on the range.
  • Do not pick up another person’s equipment ..
  • Avoid entering the clubhouse. If you must use the toilet facilities, ensure you adhere to health and safety guidelines. In addition, the following guidelines should be observed: • Use the toilet facilities before you leave home. • Bring your own hydration/food to the course. • Bring your own hand sanitiser to the course & use regularly during the round.

After using the range, return directly to your car,  put your equipment in your car and leave.