Bronagh Beats the Best!

In a recent post, we recognised the recent success of club member Bronagh M. in winning her first medals at National level  in an NASRPC competition. She has been steadily improving her scores since she took up Pistol Shooting two years ago. Starting with the club monthly pistol competitions and moving into the National arena.  At the recent National Competition , held on the An Riocht range in Kerry, Bronagh proved she can beat the best by winning two National Gold medals, beating the current National Champion in one of these. She scored 106.009(out of 120) in the Small Bore Multi Target competition, scoring more “X” ring points than the 2nd and third placed competitors who scored 106.007 and 106.005. A close run thing but Bronagh won.

She also won a Gold medal in the 25 Metre Precision Competition with a score of 265(out of 300). The MT competition requires fast and accurate shooting at 4 distances with rapid shots in a short time allowed. The 25 Metre Precision competition is the opposite , requiring a cool head and a deliberate aim. Winning both was a major achievement. Well done Bronagh and may your success continue!