50th Anniversary multi Discipline Competition

This competition was held today on our range. All entrants competed in 4 disciplines,viz., Archery, Pistol Shooting, Rifle Shooting and Clay Pidgeon shooting. There were 10 shots in each section adding up to a total of 400 points as highest possible score. It was a lovely day with a mild breeze, warm and balmy. I arrived late to the range and was pleased to see that the turnout was good, demonstrated by the number of cars parked near the range.

One of the most interesting things about this type of competition is the significance of the way each discipline is scored. For example,  a good rifle or pistol shot gets you 10 points and a bad one maybe 5 points. on the other hand, a good clay shot gets you 10 points and a near miss, no points. It was clear from the start that the key disciplines which would swing the outcome were Archery and Clays. This proved to be the case. It was not possible in the time available to summarise all the scores but these will be available from Colin on the range next Sunday. The top 5 places are shown below.


NameTotal place
Sean McE3011
Stephen O'N2742
Cathal C.2643
Paul F.2634
Hugh D.2615