This morning we held the second in the new series 50 metre precision rifle shoot (50P). Shot from the standing position at 50 metres it features four serials, the first being a ‘sighters’ serial of unlimited number of rounds in 5 minutes. This is followed by three scoring serials wherein ten rounds are fired in five minutes, with a target change in between. The highest possibly score (HPS) is 300. Five competitors turned in very scores this morning, on a cool, breezy overcast day. Good shooting by everyone, well done and see you next month!


50 Metre Precision Results
Paul F. 276
Henry L. 272
Anthony F. 269
Ralph L. 267
Sandy W. 256


This morning a new format rifle shoot was introduced to the calendar, this being the Field Sporting Rifle 50 Metre competition. This competition is shot using the rules established by the NASRPC and has proved to be very successful at all National Competitions this year. Shot in the prone position, competitors can use any rifle which meets the NASRPC specifications (rifle weight 10lb or under, fitted with ‘scopes, rifle can be rested front and back on sand bags or adjustable rests, bipods etc.) Two cards are shot, 20 shots in each, 15 minutes each card, max possible score 400.


Field Sporting Rifle 50 Metre Prone Results
Anthony F. 390
Sandy W. 377
Henry L. 363


The Club has scheduled this competition for the first Sunday of each month, and it will coincide on the calendar with the 50 Metre Precision shoot. At today’s inaugural shoot three competitors turned in some very good scores, in spite of the wind conditions.



Paul F.