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Welcome to the web site of the East Coast Shooting Club. We are based in Roundwood, County Wicklow, about 45 minutes drive from Dublin. Members can use the site to keep up to date with the news and results of recent competitions. People interested in taking up shooting as a hobby can use this site to see what we do, what our facilities are like, and find out how to contact us to see our ranges.

Latest News

Rifle competitions Sunday 7th July

The first Sunday of the month saw us running the usual two competitions, 50 Metre Field Sporting Rifle prone and 50 Metre Precision Rifle Standing. Many of the usual competitors were on holiday or competing in the NASRPC Nationa Open competition in  the Bracken Club in Northern Ireland so the entry level was lower than […]

Derrick Lamb Memorial Shoot Sunday 14th July 2019

This competition, which is held annually, in honour of one of our members who passed away a few years ago, was held on the Skeet range named after Derrick. He  had been a very active club member and was instrumental in getting the skeet range built. It was a wonderful, warm Summer’s day and everyone […]

Interclub Pistol Competition Sunday 21st July 2019

Interclub Pistol Competition Sunday 21st July 2019 We are holding the return leg of the annual CIPC/ECSC pistol shoot next Sunday. Any members who have not entered this before are welcome to come along and give it a go. Starting at 11:00am  

50th Anniversary Club Center Fire Shoot

When the club was first formed, there was a wide variety of calibres in use, ranging from .22LR through .303 to more exotic guns primarily used for deer culling. The 1972 legislation reduced that variety to .22 calibres only, eventually allowing the 22/250 and it’s European equivalent the 5.6 x 57. Since that time,  a […]

Calendar of Events

  • Gallery Rifle Precision 50 Metre Competition

    Date: August 4, 2019
  • Field Sporting Rifle Prone 50 Metre Competition

    Date: August 4, 2019