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Welcome to the web site of the East Coast Shooting Club. We are based in Roundwood, County Wicklow, about 45 minutes drive from Dublin. Members can use the site to keep up to date with the news and results of recent competitions. People interested in taking up shooting as a hobby  and joining can use this site to see what we do, what our facilities are like, and find out how to contact us to see our ranges. See the “about ECSC ” section for “how to  join” and the fees.

Latest News

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 2nd April 2023

It was a pleasure to get out last Sunday morning after the incessant rain of the previous week. Conditions were good with a mild temperature and little wind. Turn out was low as a number of the usual entrants were either on a club team that was visiting a club in France for some competitions, […]

Range Closed Easter Sunday 9th April

As in previous years, our range will be closed this coming Sunday, the 9th of April. We will be open as usual on Sunday the 16th April.

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Competition Results 26th March 2023

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Competition Results 26th March 2023 An overcast morning greeted thirteen ECSC members who turned up for the March gallery rifle and pistol competition. We used the ‘Multi Target MT Modified’ target set at the 25mts, 20mts, 15mts and 10mts mark. Instead of the usual HPS of 120.024, the target scoring rings […]

Rifle Competition Results Sunday 5th March 2023

A Grand Day to be out on the range following a Grand Day to be out on the MNSCI range on the previous day. Exhausted as we were, we were still up for another two competitions on the following day. Hardy men! Those who regularly shoot competitions will know well what I am discussing here. […]

A Grand Day Out-with thanks to Wallace and Gromit.

Seven  members of our club visited the MNSCI Range in Tullamore to take part in the  second NASRPC shoot to be run this year. We arrived at various times from 9:00 a.m.  onwards and departed at various times from 3:00 p.m.. Most of us shot multiple disciplines of Rifle or Pistol competitions. I shot 6 […]

Calendar of Events

  • Field Sporting Rifle Prone 50 Metre Competition

    Date: July 2, 2023
  • Gallery Rifle Precision 50 Metre Competition

    Date: July 2, 2023