Mission Statement and Ethos

Mission Statement

The objective of the club is to provide for and promote the safe conduct of shooting at inanimate targets for recreation and competition.


ECSC is a members’ club. Members have a vote and the club is run entirely by volunteers. The club will charge fees and make profits from appropriate activities, but such fees and profits are always retained in the club for the furtherance of its objectives and the benefit of the members as a whole. The club is not run for the financial benefit of any individual members, officers or principals.

ECSC Range

The club’s range is situated near Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Visitors with an interest in the activities of the club are most welcome on any Sunday between 10:00am and 2:00pm . You can use the “Contact Us” page to send us a short e-mail so that we know you are coming. On your first visit, we will show you the facilities and the range of shooting sports which we provide. You will get an introduction to the skills involved in the various disciplines and meet some of the members. We are a multi disciplinary club and all members can use any of the facilities. This is a good approach if you do not have an initial preference as it helps to try out what is on offer and see what you like best.

The facilities of the club provide for :

  • Shotgun – Clay pigeon shooting, including DTL, Skeet and Sporting.
  • Rifle – target rifle and paper target shooting with sporting rifle, benchrest and silhouette out to 100 metres. All smallbore, as the location is not suitable for fullbore rifle shooting. Gallery rifle and pistol disciplines, as defined by the NASRPC are run on a regular basis
  • Pistol – smallbore and centrefire to 25 metres. Chiefly bullseye and other paper target shooting, including the disciplines of the NASRPC and ISSF.

Shooting times are 10.00am to 3.00pm on Sundays.

How to Join.

See the How to Join page.


Full Member€260.00 p.a.
Family Membership€460.00 p.a.
Student€137.00 p.a.
Retired€160.00 p.a.
Registration Fee (once-off, on joining)€300.00 p.a.