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The Derrick Lamb memorial competition.

  This competition, in honour of one of our members who passed away a few years ago, was held on the Skeet range named after Derrick, last Sunday, the 30th July. There was a full turnout of the regular clay pigeon shooters together with some guests from Derrick’s family, Ann, his wife and Derrick and […]

2017 European Silhouette Championships, Deicin, Czech Republic

One of our regular Silhouette shooters, Nick Flood, took part in the 2017 European Silhouette Championships, which were held in Deicin, in the Czech Republic two weeks ago. He has provided us with the following match report.. The competition was held this year in the town of  Deicin  in Czech Republic. The qualifying criteria for team […]

Results–ECSC Open

E.C.S.C.  OPEN  2017. The results of the recent ECSC Open Target Rifle shoot, held on Sunday 9th July 2017 are shown below:     We express our appreciation to the members of the 5 clubs who took part..   Held;  9th July 2017       Competitor Target Class Overall Class Overall No. Name Club […]

ECSC Open Target Rifle Competition, Sunday 9th July.

E.C.S.C. 2017  OPEN     SUNDAY 9th July 2017     At E.C.S.C. range, Roundwood.     SMALLBORE TARGET RIFLE ENGLISH MATCH / PR60 60 shots at 50 metres Three-card system – no 10-shot final         Details :          First – 10.30am. Last time to start shooting 13.00pm. 25 mins shooting ; 5 […]

Pistol Competition Report Sunday 25th June

PISTOL COMPETITION REPORT    25th June 2017.   A warm dry morning brought our shooters out in force to-day to enjoy a cordial and competitive day in the Club. For this months’ shoot used the Timed and Precision TP1 format, slightly modified to allow two handed shooting at the 25 metre range, with single-handed shooting […]

A Splash of Colour on a Warm and Sunny Day!

What do you think was going on in this photo? Were they a group of club members getting ready for the July 12th celebration or some pale people who have been deprived of the Sun for so long that they are staring at it in wonder?

Pistol Competition Report Sunday 28th May

PISTOL COMPETITION REPORT    28th May 2017.   A lower than usual turnout for the monthly shoot was recorded and the weather, although threatening to rain, stayed dry, cool and a bit blustery.   This months’ shoot used the CIPC PB25m target format and was shot single-handed throughout and required 30 rounds, all being fired […]

Target Rifle Competition results 21st May 2017

Target shooters from 3 clubs competed in the ECSC Spring Open as shown in the results table below. It is nice to see that our older Target Rifle shooters are maintaining their skills and accuracy! . . . E.C.S.C.  OPEN  SPRING 2017   Held;  21st May 2017     Competitor Target Class Overall Class Overall […]

The Sunday Blog 28th May 2017

Busy day on the range today. Two competitions were running in parallel, a club pistol competition and a classification shoot run by the National Silhouette Association. The warm weather boosted the turnouts. In the first photo below it looks like the shooters are asleep but the other eye is open! The second photo shows an […]