Christmas Charity Shoot Report Sunday 9th December 2018

A bright windy dawn at 09:00 saw the arrival of the early birds from the committee who were there to set up the course of fire for this year’s Christmas Charity Shoot. This consisted of:

  1. Rifle: 5 sighters and 10 shots to count using a club rifle and ammo. Shot rested from a bench at 50 Metres.
  2. Pistol: 10 shots at 15 Metres using a club pistol.We used the NASRPC 25 Metre precision target, recognising that many of the members were not experienced pistol shooters.
  3. Shotgun: 2 sighters and 10 scoring shots on a pull and bang layout.The max score on each stage was 100 points giving a possible total max possible score of 300.

Good fun was had by all and the event moved along nicely. The format was a bring a prize and win a prize which resulted in many bottles and boxes of chocolates  being displayed on the prize table. Open chocolate boxes, mince pies and sundry other distractions were there to help put on the XMAS pounds(or kilos). 35 entrants took part with donations being received from members who were not able to attend. The event raised over €800 which will be donated to local charities as we have done in previous years.

The photos below show the results, with the surnames redacted to protect the innocent and the lower orders of merit. One photo shows the winner of the silly hat competition. Each year, the same person wins this hat as a prize and despite wearing it at each competition, no one has yet come up with a worse one, so he gets to take it home for another year.

The last photo shows the winner of the cone colour matching competition. The winner was entitled to take the cone home to put on the top of the Xmas tree, spouse permitting.